The Broadway International Musical Academy (B.I.M.A.), based in the heart of Broadway, Times Square – New York, is one of the most prestigious realities of the world performing arts .
It deals with training and selecting talents to prepare for the working world of the musical and from
address to the auditions of the largest world productions of the sector The B.I.M.A employs a body high profile qualified teachers: production managers, directors, professionals and artists of the most renowned productions staged on Broadway.

B.I.M.A. decides to open its doors to the world, activating live online lessons and multidisciplinary study planners in English, in order to train an artist prepared for international professional integration.In addition to the study of the artistic disciplines – sing, dance and acting – the study plan provides English language lessons.

The B.I.M.A offers various training courses for juniors, over 16 and teachers, in collective and private mode.
The professional course “Triennial over 16” will be supported by live interpreters (in Italian, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Bulgarian and chinese) until the student has reached linguistic autonomy.

All the students who will attend the courses of the Broadway International Musical Academy,
have the opportunity to participate in the summer study trip:

  • Three-week summer session in New York;
  • Internship;
  • Show;

Guided tours and Musical performances on Broadway will frame the study trips that, year after year, will enrich the knowledge and competence of each individual student.
BIMA gives the possibility to all artists who want to join (after an artistic selection), to attend online courses and study trips, but, if the student is enrolled in an academy affiliated with BIMA, he has the possibility to use of the same with discounted rates at 50%.

You can find the school closest to your area in the “Partners”.

All academies wishing to join (if the admission criteria have been exceeded) will be able to renew their twinning with B.I.M.A. 

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